Dai Burger Teaches You How To Make Your Breasts Look Bigger (And Much, Much More)!

Firm buns, hella cheese, and the juiciest meat around– Dai is one burger you’ve never had before! Hailing from Queens, NYC’s own Dai Burger has been killing the underground rap scene for years now and is finally breaking into the upper ranks of the music and fashion world. Having recently been featured in various respected publications and opened a show for Lil Kim (alongside bestie, Junglepussy), Dai is on her way to cracking the code of the rap world’s elite and bringing the new wave of female rappers to the front of the line. Dai stopped by the studio to tell us what the burger’s been up to lately…

Describe your sound in 5 words.

Bubblegum meets trill meets realness with a splash of banji-cunt with the pop factor that solidifies it in my hip pop sound!

What inspires your fierce fashions?

I won’t pin it to a person but i’ll pin it more to an era– just growing up in the 90s and 2000s, I am a product of that. So 2002 was the denim cowboy, and the 90s was color, but I don’t have a style inspiration– I am my own! I just get up and I just match whatever beauty I am given in the morning. I don’t like how other people dress. It looks cute on them but it just makes me want to be like me.

Any secret products you use to look so cute?

I like 99 cent stores and all my lipsticks are dollar lipsticks. I love Lime Crime, but I love the dollar stores. Everyone thinks it’s MAC this and that, but you can wear Wet N Wild and look just as cute!

If you had a Barbie, what would it’s name be?

I would be ‘The Bomb Ass Barbie’. I probably don’t really need to explain why. . . KABOOM, baby!


How big are your breasts and what’s the trick to keeping them perky?

I’m a 34DD, but my trick to keepin ‘the girls sitting at attention is that I never wear the right size bra. I go down a size, sometimes 2. As long as it fits with no nip slips, it’s my size.

Who’s boy is it: Brandy’s or Monica’s and why?

I’d have to say neither, cuz they kno boo was prolly checkin for ME anyways….ok??!

Best burger joint in NYC?

My Fave Burger is at a Hookah Spot in Queens called Layla’s. Make sure you get a side of Layla Sauce– OMG, soo good! I need to go on a date there ASAP!

Disney princess with the best weave?

I’d have to say Princess Jasmine because you know her shit is equivalent to a few bundles. That’s gotta be worth sumthin’!

You used to be a dancer for Lil Mama and toured with Chris Brown. What would be your last words to him before he goes to rehab?

If i had the chance, I’d tell him “Take it easy Breezy”!


What does the name burger mean to you and how does it embody your rap persona?

I just like to think I eat everything when I come around. You want a bite? I’m serving. The burger is so relevant, I got everything you need. It’s burger queen, you can have it your way!

What influences did you have growing up that shape your sound?

Missy Elliott was the only one doing things out of the norm, but now my dream is to be me. I like Kelis and Fergie cause I sing and rap and I like to do both. MIA, there’s Grace Jones, but I would give hats off to Missy, she does her own thing. And Gwen Stefani!

Ultimate girl crush?

No secret, everyone knows I love Teyana Taylor, not musically but lookswise, I want to blow her kisses and hope she reacts. I’m trying to get up in her harem pants!

What is the future looking like of for you?

So bright, as bright as the diamonds, I feel the love now more than ever, people are listening to my music, once I drop something, people want to see it. I can’t disappoint. I’m traveling, DC, Philly, Toronto. I’m hoping to be overseas, untouchable. I’m ready to plateau, I’m excited that it’s happening, its been a while, if you chase your dreams they can come true. Next stop heaven on earth.

Interview by: Jeremy McClain

Photography by: Jacob Dekat

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