Cuushe Walks Us Through Her Dreamy EP

Cuushe is the best present Spring gave us for Summer. Like her fellow Cascine labelmates Yumi Zouma, we’ve been put in a daze and spellbound with her Night Lines EP. Native to Japan, Cuushe is taking over the states and we’re dying to see what’s next. Read along as she takes us through a journey of her mind, hometown, latest release and even… her future.


Night Lines ​is some of your dreamiest music yet. What are your dreams made of?

My dreams are made of my memories, happiness, sadness, fear, creativity and love. I often can’t understand my dreams, but they are really sweet and sad at the same time.

Can you talk more about the visions that created this EP? What is “city pop”?

I am not sure what the real city pop is, but I’m calling this EP city pop because it was created in Tokyo. I put my emotions that I felt while living in Tokyo into these 4 tracks. Tokyo is packed with people and it’s easy to meet someone new, but then you realize the more people there are, the more alone you can feel. I don’t know how to put this into words, but when you walk alone at midnight in Shibuya, you know there are so many parties you could go to, but you can’t help but to feel disconnected from the world.

What are your go­-to karaoke songs?

Disclosure -­ “Latch”

Lana Del Rey -­ “Video Games”

We are also struck with a never-­ending case of wanderlust. What are some places to visit on your bucket list?

I would love to go to Madagascar to see the baobab trees. My favorite book from childhood is “The Little Prince” and in this book, a baobab tree appears. I have always wanted to see the tree in real life.

What are the best places to explore on a summer day in Japan? Where would you take us?

I would like to take you guys to Atami where a fireworks festival is held. It is not a major festival and there aren’t a lot of people, which is nice. You can see the fireworks close up because they’re shot from the beach. Atami is not far from Tokyo and is a perfect place to escape from city life.

Cuushe, Cascine, Night Lines, Galore Mag

Are you currently writing. What’s next for Cuushe?

I am only recording vocal takes for upcoming collaborations. I am organizing thoughts for my next album, but not really doing any actual songwriting at the moment. I am, however, thinking about starting to write songs in June. I want to release something by the end of this year or maybe beginning of 2016.

Cuushe, Cascine, Night Lines, Galore Mag

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