Revolutionize Your Beauty Routine With Curling Mascara


We can all agree that the eyelash curler is the most Mideival accessory in our makeup cabinet. When it works out, it makes your eyes look doe-ish and beautiful, but sometimes the road to getting there is too painful to bear. Have you ever been innocently curling your lashes only to get the tiny invisible ones stuck in the curler, then when u pull the mechanism away, you pull out some of your precious eyelashes too? Been there, done that, but no more. Because Benefit has created a mascara that also curls your lashes. The “Roller Lash” mascara has a brush that is inspired by those old fashioned hair-rollers, with tiny hooks that catch, life, and curl your lashes as you apply the mascara. It’s available at Sephora, so if you can’t believe this sorcery, head to the closest beauty counter and try it for yourself.


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