7 Reasons We’re Glad Cuffing Season Is Over

Spring is finally in the air! While we’re mostly over-joyed by the fact that we don’t need to put on three jackets to leave the house, there’s another reason we’re pretty hyped that winter is over. Why, you ask? Because that means cuffing season is over as well.


If you don’t know what cuffing season is, take a look at this definition from Urban Dictionary and realize that you do know what it is, you just never knew the correct terminology:


1. You’ll stop hearing from random dudes out of nowhere

Although it can be pretty great when old flames text you wanting to “catch up” and you can respond by saying “f*** no,” it gets old fast. Maybe now that it’s warm enough to go outside, they can go out on the prowl for a new chick who doesn’t know his bullshit like the back of her hand.


2. Less gooey Facebook posts (hopefully)

Valentine’s Day was bad enough… but the whole season has been pretty bleak with all the man-crush Mondays (oh surprise it’s your boyfriend.. again!) and girls making sure to take 30 selfies with the Starbucks hot chocolate that their bf “so sweetly” decided to pick up for them.

3. And more “heartbroken” Facebook posts

When people realized they don’t want to be tied down anymore, break-ups will ensue. I’d never take pleasure from others’ pain, but we all have those friends that will entertain us by posting statuses about how their ex- girlfriend is “an evil cheating bitch” or tweet “deep” Taylor Swift lyrics for an entire month after a break-up.

4. You Will Be Lonely No Mo’ 

As much as I mock cuffing season, I must admit that I understand where it comes from. There were certainly some cold ass nights where I wish I had a bae to stay in and watch Pulp Fiction with, rather than trudge to The Standard and risk possible frost-bite on my toes. However, with all the activities that spring will bring, you don’t have to worry about being stuck inside wishing you had a snuggle buddy (after all, your snuggle buddy will turn to a sweaty buddy soon).

5. Or At Least Have Plenty Of Eye Candy.. 

Even if you’re doomed to be perpetually single, at least you can look right? No shame in snagging a front row seat to the soccer field near your house, or casually deciding to work on your tan right by the hiking trail where your cute neighbor frequents.


6. You Might Get Your Bitches Back

Hopefully your girls will realize that it’s time to ditch the loser who’s been warming their bed all winter long, and start actually hanging out with you again. Besides, everybody knows day-drinking and spring break isn’t anywhere near as fun when you’re wifed.

7. If You Do Find Love, It’ll Be For The Right Reasons

We all know how guys work, they want you one second and then suddenly they get amnesia and forget they give a shit. Lots of girls probably experience a similar situation when the sun starts to come out and chicks simultaneously start jogging down the street in sports bras, leading their man to say “adios.” If you find a guy who’s down to make you his girlfriend while there are still chicks tanning by the pool in thongs, then you go girl.

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