6 Ways To Ditch Your Winter Boo

We all made some questionable decisions this past winter… whether it was that time you ordered from grub-hub everyday for a week straight, or when you hooked up with a dude solely because he had a warm shower and your pipes were frozen. However, now it’s (basically) springtime, and it’s time to leave all the snowflake dusted mistakes behind us.

One of these mistakes is the dude you’ve been seeing all winter. He’s not your boyfriend, but there’s definitely something going on. After all, he did bring you pho when you were sick that one time, and you totally tried to see how many times you could hook up while snowed in in your apartment.

Winter turning to spring is kind of like the lights going on at the club, you’re seeing everything in a new light- including the dude you were grinding on who went from Jared Leto to Bruce Jenner real quick. Cuffing season is over, and it’s time to ditch this dude- but how?

1. Become REALLY Busy

It’s springtime, and there are plenty of activities to do now that you’re not cooped up in your house! Whether you’re actually busy with some type of spring-time fun, or you’re really just at your place working on your bikini wax– you need to cut down the amount of time you spend with this dude, and ultimately cut him out of your life completely.

2. Start Casually Mentioning Other Dudes

You guys never had the official “boyfriend” talk, so he needs to know that you guys aren’t exclusive (or you don’t want to be now anyways). If you start casually mentioning other dudes that you are seeing, he’ll hopefully get the message. If he’s an angry type, he might get pissed and stop wanting to see you at all– mission accomplished!

3. Try To Hook Him Up With a Friend

If you feel bad tossing him out into the cold (or mild 60s to be more precise), try to find someone else to warm his bed. We all have that one desperate friend who will go for almost anyone, maybe introduce the two and mention what a great guy he is (or mention how much he loves to eat box).

4. Be Gross

Don’t pretend that you’re some dainty little flower- we know you’re nasty. If you need to casually leave a tampon on the top of his trashcan or let out a really loud burp after taco night, f***ing do it.

5. Stop F***ing Him

I hate to put all guys into one category, but if you stop f***ing him, it probably won’t be long until he strays. Although it can be awkward making the transition from doing it constantly to suddenly not being interested, you can always pull the wifey “I’m really tired tonight, just going to go to bed” or that you’re “not in the mood.”

6. Don’t Get Drunk With Him

We all know getting drunk means getting in the mood and/or cuddly. If you keep getting drunk around him, he’s going to keep getting the wrong idea. Make sure to limit yourself around him so you don’t continue leading him on when you’re actually trying to kick him to the curb.

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