Cryotherapy Health Fad Leads To A 24-Year-Old Woman Freezing To Death

There are some crazy inventions and fads in the name of health and beauty. We have come full circle with waist-training, also known as corsets, which basically squishes your internal organs. People are now drinking ‘raw’ or unpasteurized milk to get all of the protein and nutrients they can get, and unfortunately, they are also getting all the infection-causing bacteria that comes with it too. And apparently individuals are now freezing themselves in cryotherapy tubes at -240 degrees Fahrenheit in a new attempt to lose weight. This new trend, however, had more tragic results. A female employee at one of the salons that offer cryotherapy treatments froze to death in one of the machines this past week.

Chelsea Ake, the 24-year old employee of Rejuvenice Salon in Las Vegas, Nevada was found dead inside one of the cryotherapy machines after apparently dying of an ‘operator error,’ reports Fox News. Friend and fellow employee, Shae-Lynn Bee, says, “I do know that she was alone closing the shop up, and then did go into the machine and apparently did not turn it off.” According to investigators she died within seconds of entering the machine, although her exact cause of death will not be known until the autopsy.

Cryotherapy treatment has many benefits, including reducing inflammation, burning calories, and it even slows down aging. But at what cost? Sure beauty is pain, but beauty shouldn’t be death. Along with the benefits of all of these innovative new health trends, comes serious and even fatal side effects and risks. Maybe that extra poundage isn’t looking so bad after all.

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