Survive Your First High School Party

While I enjoy high school parties, they can be a little bit awkward. The smell of sweaty, drunk teenagers is overwhelming and (at least in the suburbs), the social gatherings can often feel like something out of a stereotypical teen coming-of-age movie. For those who are still making up their minds on how they feel at parties, here’s how I learned to appreciate them


Go with a friend or a group.

If you enter the party sober and fully aware of your surroundings, you may need to have a friend or few to keep you company—it’s strange to witness underage drinking, weed smoking, and 20+ rowdy teens all under one roof! Grab a friend who won’t be scared to go up to someone you have always wanted to get to know.



I’m a little biased here, because I love to dance. If my usual dancing partner/best friend isn’t with me, I’ll ask who ever is next to me to join me. You are never “too cool” to try to dance and have a good time. Don’t go and huddle in a corner talking about how boring or lame the party is, that makes you lame and boring! Go and dance no matter how little the living room floor is or how superior your music taste is. It doesn’t matter if dubstep is playing, you should at least try to have fun because you definitely won’t have fun if you sulk in a corner.


Only do what you are comfortable with.

If you want to drink, then do it responsibly and if you don’t, then that’s totally okay too! Don’t let people pressure you into doing anything. To really have fun at a party you have to be comfortable, so if you want to decline an offer of beer, don’t be afraid. Not everyone at a party is going to be drunk or high so don’t feel weird for staying sober. It’s your choice!

 by Remi Riordan 

Crybaby Zine contributes to Galore twice weekly. 

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