Creative Director Of Joyrich David Melgar Talks About His Wealth Of Collaborations

I popped over to the Dream Hotel Downtown to chat with the awesome and remarkably talented David Melgar. Renowned clothing brand Joyrich has taken the fashion world by storm, and David Melgar the Creative Director of Joyrich has been more than a key element in the building the brand and it’s awesome designs. His designs have been worn by THE major celebs, including Rihanna. He spoke to us about his inspirations, collaborations & what’s in store for Joyrich.


David Melgar

Photos by Homer Parkes

Interview by @FrankieFatGold

When did you become the Creative Director for Joyrich?
I came in as Creative Director 5 years ago. Previously, I was designing for Jeremy Scott and came in and the rest was history.

What celebs have been wearing your stuff?
We have a really big following with Rihanna, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Ashanti. It’s not really specific to one style of music, I think anyone who has a good self expression and awareness of who they are gravitates towards the brand. But Rihanna, lately, has been wearing it like crazy.

What would you name as your signature pieces?
I think it’s our jackets. But I don’t take fashion that seriously. There’s a lot of designers/brands that are very put together, but I don’t give a f*** so if I want to do florals with angels that have sunglasses on, then I will. Its just my personality. I like different fashion styles, putting different styles into a blender and coming out as Joy Rich smoothie.


Sarah Nguyen

Who have been your biggest influences?
I grew up studying Keith Haring, David LaChappelle, Charlie Kaufman, Michel Gondry. Even rap too, I was always like the loner art kid at school so absorbed everything like a sponge. Once I decide to design that’s when all these influences came out.

What would be a dream collab for you?
I collab so much, Ive done Coca-Cola, Keith Haring, Fila, Playboy, Richie Rich, Disney, Casio. I don’t have a dream collab, but I like to be able to go to someone like Fila w,ho’s not really relevant in the fashion world, and to be able to tell a different story with my interpretation of the brand.

What are some upcoming designers/artists that you are watching right now?
In music and fashion, a lot of focus is in London right now. I love bands like disclosure and rudimental. The music scene out there is amazing, and the fashion scene is amazing but I love designer wise Nazir Mazhar & Astrid Andersen

What’s coming up?
We’re at our 19th store now. As long as we have the customer that gets what we do and understands it, we’ll continue creating. As the creative director I’’m always trying to push the envelope on different types of collaborations and designs.


Sarah Nguyen

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