Selfish, A Book of Kim Shot by Kim


If a photo is worth a thousand words, then a collection of Kim Kardashian selfies is worth like, at least a billion. Her coffee table book, ironically named Selfish (she secretly has a sense of humor?) comes out in May and people are already incessantly buzzing about the rather minimalistic cover photo that was released today. Well, minimalistic for Kim K, anyway.

I foresee absolute chaos from all of the Kardashian-West worshippers when this babe’s selfie bible is released. With her having already broken the Internet, married the lord Yeezus, and being the mother of one of the cutest little bebs ever created, who knows what else the curvy bombshell has hidden up her Balmain sleeves.

Featuring a decade worth of shots, we can only hope (and wish and obsessively pray) that these selfies live up to our oh-so high expectations. With almost 25 million Instagram followers watching her every move, facial expression and perfected pose, it’s hard to imagine that there could exist another 352 selfies, but then again if you have ever Kept Up With the Kardashians it really is not that hard to dream up.

Although I can’t stop laughing, imagining the idea of a coffee table book filled with only photos of her face, you gotta give the people what they want. And for reasons beyond my complete understanding, that’s a big ol’ book of Kim, shot by Kim.

Here are our favorite Instagrammed selfies to get you all excited for the release of Selfish. Just four. more. months, ladies.




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