Courtney Tailor’s Tips For Making The Gym Your New Tinder

The gym is a farm of buff dudes ripe for the plucking, and you can use it the way most people use dating apps. Forgot your headphones or unable to get in the zone? Distract yourself by glancing over and seeing what’s good on the treadmill next to yours. Some of the dudes might put you off with their smarmy lines, but there are some rock bodies just begging to have a cutie contribute to their resistance training—no reason that cutie shouldn’t be you. Here’s how, straight from actress/model Courtney Tailor.

First, fuel up. “I stay away from refined carbs like white bread and sweets as much as possible. If I want a burger, I’ll have one that’s lettuce wrapped instead of on a bun, and with avocado instead of cheese.” 

Next, make sure your pre-applied makeup isn’t going to be giving you racoon eyes as you sweat. “In the end, it’s up to you whether you wear makeup at the gym. When I do, I use Urban Decay’s setting sprays. They help keep my makeup on through practically anything!”

When you get to the gym, just like when you arrive at a club or party, scope out the zone. Ladies who like ladies might find some love in group fitness classes (especially spin or yoga). Looking for buff guys? You’re on your way to the weight room.

When you’ve found your hottie, try out Courtney’s pre-approved pickup lines. “Ask him what he’s hitting next (abs, shoulders, back, etc), and then ask if he can show you a few moves!”

If it turns out you misread the signs, shake it off like when the dude you like at the club turns out to have a long term GF. Either move on to your next target, or let it go. “Focus on yourself and making that self a better one than the day before.”

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