Courtney Love’s 9 Most Iconic 90s Looks

It’s official: we’ve reached peak 90s nostalgia. From Rashida Jones’s “Flip and Rewind” music video to the fact that your wardrobe is probably filled with high-waisted jeans, crop tops and chokers, the dream of the 90s isn’t just alive in Portland anymore, it’s literally everywhere.

Case in point: Nasty Gal just announced its collaboration with OG 90s fashion queen Courtney Love. The lingerie-inspired 18-piece collaboration was based in part on the singer’s old stage outfits, which means lots of silk, lace, and short babydoll dresses. 

Even if you don’t think you owe some of your style DNA to Courtney Love, we guarantee you that she’s influenced your look. Here are 9 of our favorite 90s fashion looks that prove that whatever you think you’re cool for wearing now, Courtney Love is even cooler because she wore it first.  

Sheer dresses


Okay, so granted sheer dresses aren’t quite as daring as matching your furry bikini to your hair color, but you have to admit, it’s the hands-down winner in terms of balancing sex appeal and class while proving you’re still hip AF.

Slip dresses


And bonus points if you pair your sheer, sexy slip dress with an oversized cardigan.



Before Balmain started dressing it-girls in microminis, Courtney Love proved that as long as it’s long enough to cover your crotch, it’s fabulous and fashion-forward.

Exposed bras


Instant bad girl cred.



How many of you are wearing stupid fucking flower crowns?” we imagine Courtney saying in this pic. “Take that shit off. Wear a tiara like the fucking queen you are.”

Dresses with collars


Dressing like a sexy baby


Where would Ariana Grande be today without her sexy baby style?  Courtney Love also dressed like a sexy baby for a while, only she had a different name for her style: kinderwhore.

Freeing the nip


Nipples were the hottest fashion trend of 2015, but before Gigi Hadid walked down the catwalk showing hers, Courtney Love took hers out for a night on the town.

Slut-positive clothing


Amber Rose and Blacc Chyna made headlines for appearing at the MTV VMAs last year in dresses that had the words “bitch” and “slut” on them, but the truly hardcore will write that shit on their arms with a Sharpie.

Here’s hoping Nasty Gal manages to incorporate all of these looks into their collaboration. Court Court, we love you.

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