This Couple Decided To Have Oral Sex In A Boston Metro Station


Apparently a Boston couple decided to take all the cliche tips about “spicing up your sex life” a little too seriously. The offending couple decided to take their foreplay to new levels in the Boston T, deciding that the stations walls were the perfect spot to lean against t0 give (and receive) a blow job. Perhaps they were drunk? High? Or perhaps they were just following College Times’ tip ,”Experience the thrill of having sex with your partner in a public place or somewhere you shouldn’t be”.  To which we say, Thanks College Times for the advice, but, yeah, can we not?


Boston couple decided they wanted to have oral right here, right now in the T station.

A woman posted a photo of the couple on Facebook and tagged MTBA Transit Police in it last Friday. Now, Boston Police are reportedly on the search for the couple in the photo with the hopes of charging them with “open and gross lewdness,” which could land these two up to three years in jail.

So before you consider before following any advice from the internet about the “thrill” of public sex, you might want to look at the maximum sentences in your state for “open and gross lewdness”. Or, at the very least, make it a little more discrete? Otherwise, you might consider heading to Berlin, Germany, where it’s legal to be nude and have sex in public— as long as you’re covered by a towel that is.



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