This Fashion App Uses A.I. To Help You Make $ + Connect To Brands With One Click

Whether you’re an influencer, or you treat your ‘gram more like a finsta, chances are you know that your favorite bloggers (or the bloggers you hate-follow) make money from their posts.

Sure, there’s the not-so-strategically placed detox tea ad, with a flat-tummied influencer beaming while holding a bag of what’s basically a glamorized laxative. But, there’s also the money that bloggers make from affiliate linking. In layman’s terms: when you buy something your fave blogger posts, she gets a little paycheck. When 100 people buy something she posts, she gets a pretty decent sized paycheck (depending on the affiliate commission rate, of course). 

But talk to any blogger—or, talk to me, a micro-influencer who has attempted using popular affiliate apps like Like It To Know It—and I’ll tell you why I still haven’t done much affiliate-tagging on Instagram. The apps that had been available were not user-friendly, I could never find direct links to the actual items I’m wearing (because many apps only offer a select number of brands), and it generally required my followers to sign up for something.

But here’s the thing, technology in the Instagram and influencer space is getting more advanced, and a new app called Countr is changing the game. Countr has recently launched its A.I. tagging feature. A.I. takes the work out making your posts shoppable—and the work out of shopping in general. Plus, it automatically suggests similar items for you to link in case your audience is looking for a cheaper option, or something similar, but in another colorway.

“How many times have you seen an amazing outfit from someone inspiring and you wished you knew where to get it from? That’s where the idea for Countr came from,” explains Manon Roux, the creator of the app. “you see it, [you] want it, [you] got it.”

Manon, who once ran advertising campaigns for big retail brands, initially built Countr as a way for “anyone to express themselves and share their style,” in addition to filling a need she found within the industry from her ad experience, Countr has catapulted into a tool that not only allows you to show off your #lewks, but to find new inspo, make some $, and get connected to brands who may want to work with you.

“Brands have found that ‘likes’ don’t really mean anything,” explains Manon. “By allowing creators to share shoppable posts with their community, brands discover who their best advocates are and compensate them with commissions when there is a sale.”

Basically, Countr makes it easy to profit off your fashion sense and photos easily—and you don’t have to have a zillion followers to cash in. You don’t even have to be an influencer.

“The feedback we have gotten is that apps [that only include influencers] have the same generic style of look and are kind of boring,” says Manon. “Because we empower anyone to share their style, regardless of body type, skin type or style preference, we’ve created diverse communities of women sharing what they really wear and use.”

Even if you’re not looking to turn your style into a side hustle, it’s a super easy way to get outfit inspo–outfit inspo that you can shop immediately.

In fact, the more you use Countr, the more the app is able to personalize its selection to you.

“Imagine going to Bloomingdales and only seeing the products that are relevant to you,” suggests Manon. “Imagine sorting through all the sales from every brand to find that amazing dress at 70% off for that special event.”

With Countr, this Clueless-esque shopping fantasy becomes a reality (provided you use the app yourself and let it get to know your flawless style).

Want to get in on the fun (not to mention the seriously cute outfit pics)? You’re in luck.

Countr has just launched their ambassador program and are calling all Galore girls to download the Countr app, create a post, and try it out by emailing!

The ambassador program focuses on helping you build your following on Countr and exposing you to opportunities with brands as you grow. 

I downloaded it and uploaded a post when writing this article, and when I checked back in I had literally already made some $ (okay, more like cents—but still!).

“Everyone has style, everyone has something to share,” says Manon. “We can’t wait to see you on Countr.”

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