What you need to know about the “Bachelor in Paradise” allegations

Everybody who watches The Bachelor franchise swears that Bachelor in Paradise is the most entertaining show in the Bachelor universe, but right now, the show might be in deep trouble.

Production has currently been shut down while Warner Bros. investigates a claim that some non-consensual shit went down in the hot tub one night.

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Although former boring Bachelorette contestant Robby Hayes tweeted, “what happens in paradise, stays in paradise,” news of what allegedly went down between Corinne Olympios, the contestant who refused to literally shovel animal shit last season, and DeMario Jackson isn’t staying hush hush.

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Allegedly the trouble started when Corinne and DeMario met at the bar, according to sources that spoke to TMZ.

In a separate story the outlet reported that both Corinne and DeMario were told by producers that a romance between them would be one of the main storylines of the season and that the night they meant there was lots of alcohol involved.

Sources close to Corinne told TMZ that she was completely blacked out by the time that the two took things to the pool. Meanwhile, sources close to DeMario told TMZ that he remembered all the details of their encounter, from “rubbing, touching and fingering” each other to oral sex.

Again sources close to Corinne told TMZ that Corinne had to be told by fellow cast members what happened to her the night before, and allegedly some of those cast members had told the production crew they thought Corinne was too drunk to be hooking up with anybody.

Meanwhile, production sources are painting a very different story. TMZ is reporting that production sources are saying none of the cast members reached out to them and that in the footage they have, Corinne seems like she’s okay with what’s going on.

But allegedly, an executive producer who saw the footage was very concerned about what went down, and according to TMZ, that was who launched the formal complaint with Warner Bros.

Whatever’s going on, it sounds pretty sus.

TMZ is also reporting that according to sources close to Corinne, she doesn’t place the blame solely on DeMario, but on the producers. The sources are claiming producers were sober and knew how drunk she was, but let it happen anyway because it would make good TV.

So far the only official statement regarding this incident has been made by Warner Bros, explaining why they shut down production:

“We have become aware of allegations of misconduct on the set of “Bachelor in Paradise” in Mexico. We have suspended production and we are conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations. Once the investigation is complete, we will take appropriate responsive action.”

Additionally, Claudia Oshry, better known online as @girlwithnojob, talked about the incident on her morning show today and claims that what’s being reported is a tamer version of what happened. She also reported that most of Corinne’s cast members have unfollowed her, which doesn’t really make sense to me unless they’re all the most awful people in the world.

Although TBH, that’s entirely possible. This is The Bachelor we’re talking about.

We’ll keep you updated as more details emerge.


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