Corey Wash Is Figuring Her Sh*t Out With Illustration

Corey Wash is an artist who is continually discovering herself through her art, and she wants others to experience the same when looking at it.

Her drawings are of characters that look like “Futurama” on an acid trip, who, although appearing out of this world, are always looking for ways to solve the problems facing our culture and society.

We talked to Corey about how she uses her art to inspire others to change, evolve and grow, and how you too can use art to express yourself.

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How are you on this Friday? 

Just finished rehearsing with my friends, and going to be performing with my friend tomorrow.

What are you performing?

My friend is a singer-songwriter and Im going to live drawing and maybe play my bass.

Is that something you do a lot? Is that a thing?

I started this year. I got invited to show some work at an event in New York and I blew up the illustrations and live collaborative drawings, and in Baltimore as well.

What drew you to wanting to do the live drawings?

Just so people can see the process and feel a bit connected. For Bibis event, I had people to do collaborative, so Id start it, and then theyd just finish it. Just to see their perspective.

Why do you have such a consistent approach?

I know that I want to have one style. I started out abstract painting, and there was no structure, and it wasnt a signature style, and then when I actually started drawing it was more realistic, detailed drawings. So I started drawing plants around me, and that kind of evolved into the characters that Im drawing now.

I dont have a problem with the color. Everything Im drawing is straight to the point. Im putting it all out there. Nothing to get distracted by. When I color, I add a lot of layer and texture. When I do the black and white, its more just one texture, one tone. 

Whats the difference that people have in response to your work on Instagram or real life?

In real life, people are fascinated by it. Theyre excited that someone is talking about what theyre talking about. I talk about politics, but I talk about day to day experiences.

What are you saying?

The main thing that Im saying right now, and to grow, and evolve. And it order to do that you have to change your focus and where your mind is.

And how do you do that?

You start with how think now, and you think of why you think the way you do, and how you affect yourself, and then you love yourself. And then once you do that then you start changing how you move.

And does drawing help you do that?

Yeah. Because drawing helps me express how I feel. I write how I feel. I get it all out there, so I can look at it, and its all in my face and then I can evaluate my life.

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Interview by Abeline Cohen
Illustrations by Corey Wash

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