Core-gasming Is The Ideal Workout

There always seems to be a new reason to go to the gym: That spring break trip to Cancun next month, those Paige skinny jeans that are ALMOST perfect, the new guy you’re seeing who tends to go for girls with Adriana Lima’s physique. However, these reasons come and go and one week you’re at the gym everyday killing it, the next you’re collapsed in your bed ordering Chinese food from GrubHub.

As a girl, while some of us go for the whole “strong is sexy” brigade and are lifting with similar routines to our boyfriend’s (props, by the way), most of us stick to the old cardio and abs routine, with some squats thrown in for good measure.

Galore Mag - Core-gasming - Workout

But, have you ever heard of Core-Gasming?

I hadn’t either, until one of my good guy friends confided in me a few months ago that he had came his pants at the gym while doing sit-ups. He then proceeded to tell me about the concept of core-gashing, and that a lot of people can do it.

Flat abs AND a quick orgasm?! Sign us up!!

Galore Mag - Core-gasming - Workout

Recently my friend texted me telling me about her core-gasms, something she has recently discovered while doing hanging leg lifts at the gym. When I asked more about it, she disclosed:

” If I’m doing hanging leg raises, after like ten-ish reps I start feeling pressure building up like a normal orgasm, and then if I keep going (which is very hard since it takes a while and my abs start to give out and i shake) i can cum. And then I leave the gym and say peace bitches, got in my workout and my orgasm ”

She did note that if you’re actually working towards an orgasm, you may compromise your form a bit, but to be honest most people I see in the gym have bad form anyways..

Galore Mag - Core-gasming - Workout

So, how do you find out if you can casually have an orgasm with no man and no vibrator, while actually getting a work out? My friend swears by the hanging leg lift machine for her orgasms, my guy friend also reccommended decline sit ups with a medicine ball, or good old bicycles. What’s the worst that can happen? You don’t have an orgasm, and you end up looking way better in your bikini then you had planned. Or, you do have an orgasm, and that trainer that’s always eye-ing you up at the gym is now even more obsessed (and confused) by you.

Galore Mag - Core-gasming - Workout

So, get working on those abs at the gym girl, and maybe fantasize about Adam Levine while you’re at it? Galore dares you.

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