Cora Keegan & Cole Mohr Put On A Punk-y Face

Is it just us or does Lee’s ‘Back in Black’ AW13 campaign starring hottie models Cora Keegan and Cole Mohr make you wanna belt out “put another dime in the jukebox, babaaay!” in traffic and at the top of your lungs?! *Crickets* Whatever, don’t act like you understand what we mean, bitches! These photos, shot by Mike Piscitelli, are some sartorial-slaying SEX! We couldn’t think of a better model combo than these two punk-y pretties who look like they’re having quite a good time at The Mint in Los Angeles. Also, from Mohr in his slouchy, tattoo-exposing t-shirt to Keegan’s me-wow-y leggings, we’re seriously impressed with the killer duds. EMAIL US ASAP, LEE. XO, kthxbai.

lee-jeans-autumn-campaign1 lee-jeans-autumn-campaign2 lee-jeans-autumn-campaign3 lee-jeans-autumn-campaign4 lee-jeans-autumn-campaign5 lee-jeans-autumn-campaign6

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