Copy Fifth Harmony’s Style on Your Next Girls’ Night Out

Like all of the great girl groups of herstory, Fifth Harmony spend their days harmonizing the day away while walking around in coordinating outfits.

While that last part sounds easy enough, as anybody who’s ever tried to pull off the coordinating ensemble look with your friends knows, it’s surprisingly difficult to do without looking like you’re all rushing at Kappa Kappa Hot.

Granted, that’s a choice, but looking that matchy matchy in public is for amateurs.

Here’s how Fifth Harmony pulls it off:

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Choose a Theme

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Just like how themes are an important part of literature, they can make or break your coordinating outfit.

Like imagine you all show up to the bar and you’re dressed like you’re going to your hipster friend’s BBQ, your one friend looks like she’s going to a high school prom, and everybody else looks like they spent their last paycheck at American Apparel.

It wouldn’t look right.

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So while you’re all getting ready, or preferably a few days ahead of time, start a group thread so you can all agree on a general theme for your outfits to abide by.

Maybe you’ll all decide to dress boho or maybe you’ll all style yourselves like real housewives hitting the town to get your cougar on.

Follow your bliss, just make sure you’re all following the same bliss.

Build your outfits around the same color

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If you have really opinionated friends who can barely even agree on a bar to meet at, let alone a clothing theme that looks good on all of them, don’t worry.

All you guys have to do is pick a color.

Rolling up to the club all wearing the same color sends a statement while also leaving everybody totally free to be as thotty or as modest as they wish.

Seriously, it’ll save you guys so much time.

Make sure you all don’t show up wearing the same silhouette


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There’s nothing worse than showing up at your friend’s apartment to pregame and you look around and see everybody is wearing micro mini bodycon dresses.

So while you’re working things out in the group chat, just make sure everybody doesn’t show up wearing tube tops or lace-up jorts.



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