The Cops Just Charged 4 Men for Kim K’s Robbery

While some of the best crime stories of all time infamously go unsolved, it looks like the mystery of who robbed Kim Kardashian is about to be solved.

Today, the French police have FINALLY charged 4 men for robbing Kim K at gunpoint, TMZ reports.

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While the police have yet to release much additional information about these men, we do know that one of them is reportedly a 63-year-old man named Yunice A.

Way to be a dick, Yunice.

At your age, you should know better.

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This news comes just one day after French network TF1/LCI reported that several of the 17 arrested suspects had confessed to the crime.

So will there be more charges and confessions?

Maybe, maybe not.

The cops brought all the suspects in on January 9 and by law they only have three days to keep them for questioning, so what happens today is probably it for a hot second.

Still, four suspects is better than no suspects and remember, there’s still a chance Kim could get back all the jewelry they sold, even that engagement ring Kanye ended up ruining by carving “Adidas” into.

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Can’t wait to see how this all plays out in court.


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