Everybody Needs To Cool It With Culottes

People have been wearing ugly things on their bodies and calling it fashion for as long as fashion has been an industry worthy of a capitalized F. That’s the problem with fashion: it doesn’t just care about making you look good, it also wants to make you look interesting too (i.e. misshapen by the commonly agreed upon standards of attractiveness). While the fashion industry has given us pencil skirts, cropped tops and corsets, it’s also given us harem pants, mom jeans, and latest craze in ‘I Just Can’t Believe It’s Fashion’ fashion: Culottes.

Why culottes can’t just be content to stay a stable of  middle-aged women on cruise ships is beyond understanding.  No matter how beautiful you are, or how trim your physique is, the minute you step into a pair of culottes, you say goodbye to all that.  Congratulations, now, you just look weird.

While all the major fashion blogs would want to tell you that culottes put the cool back into pants, we know the truth.  They may be the great equalizer of 2015, but that doesn’t mean you should rush out and buy a pair.  Just say no to culottes.  Celebrities, that means you too.


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