Confessions Of A Serial Dater: The Hottest Guys Live In Prague


The idea of spending an entire summer in Europe is pretty exciting for an American girl. Sure, there’s the banging food, the new culture, and the freedom…but there’s also the boys. Are you envisioning riding the back of a moped with an Italian hottie like Lizzie McGuire? Perhaps meeting a sexy Irish guy in the rain and having a P.S. I Love You moment?

If there’s one place that probably isn’t high on an American girls list of where to find the hottest guys, it’s Prague. Why? Maybe Hollywood didn’t show us enough sexy actors from there, maybe we’re just being typically ignorant American tourists. Either way, the slew of sexy men in Prague blew my mind.

The problem with having to travel on a budget is that you can’t always fly in luxury. For me, that meant that I was waking up at two am to take a bus to a far away airport where I would fly to Prague at six am. Needless to say, I didn’t exactly contour my face in the morning (or put any makeup on at all). However, after trudging through the airport and seeing how many bachelor parties, soccer teams, and all around gorgeous men were surrounding me, I high-tailed it to the bathroom and slapped on some mascara and eyeliner.

Yes, I understand we were at the airport, and the majority of guys traveling to Prague were British, or Australian, or something. But, does it really matter? The point was that the parade of eligible men did not stop on the airplane, when I reached my rented apartment (the host/waiter was adorable), or when I sweated my way through tourist attractions all day. Prague was swimming with beautiful men, and I was completely okay with drowning.

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