Confessions Of A Serial Dater: I Made My Own Grouper Date

If anyone is invested in my constant dating, it’s not me, it’s my roommates. They’re always optimistic. Asking if I actually liked the last guy I went out with, if I’m going to see him again, and of course…for photos.

I decided that I wasn’t into a guy after date number two, so when he asked me out for a third date, I figured I should let my roommates in on the fun. I suggested that I bring out some friends and he do the same. Naturally, he thought it was brilliant. I did too, at first. I assumed that this was the way I could friend zone this guy, while simultaneously giving my friends a way to meet some new dudes and have a fun night.

I was wrong.

The initial outcome was that it felt like some awkward group date out of a 90’s reality show. We literally met outside the subway station and recited our names in a circle as if we were playing Duck, Duck, Goose. On the way to the bar, I sprinted ahead with the guy whom I already knew and left the rest of them behind, hoping to force them to bond.

The most awkward part was when we finally reached the bar. Maybe I’m spoiled by college guys with their daddy’s credit cards that love to get trashed, or maybe these dudes were just broke. However, it got a little awkward when one guy suggested to my friends that they take tequila shots, and only ordered one for himself. Not wanting to seem snooty or awkward, my friends ordered and paid for their own shots, but I knew they were peeved.

Not to mention, the boys who weren’t buying us drinks clearly had no trouble buying their own (and had certainly pre-gamed much harder than us prior to meeting up). We shifted uncomfortably from the too-hot indoor bar to the outside patio, wavering between making light conversation with the dudes and trying to avoid them altogether.

When we finally had enough and figured it was time to go home (not like we were drunk anyway), we said our goodbyes. At that point, the guys were so drunk that I’m not sure they even realized we left. The next morning, my three date failure texted me asking questions that he had definitely asked me the night before. He didn’t remember and then asked me to go out for a drink again. Maybe I’m not as good at showing my disinterest as I thought, or maybe his beer goggles tricked him into thinking I was still into him.

Regardless, this was certainly not the worst “date” I’ve ever been on, and we did avoid paying $15 for a Grouper date. I can’t pretend I won’t try this again, but it might be better if next time I’m actually into the guy first.

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