Confessions of a Serial Dater: When Anxiety Attacks

F*ck, I’ve been off my game.

Serial dating is a full time job, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s not all free dinner, cute guys, and orgasms (okay, maybe a little bit of that), it’s hard work.

Just like any job, you get burnt out. I have roughly 100 messages left unanswered right now. Why? Because the whole thing is beginning to stress me out. See that’s the thing with trying to date 24/7, it’s stressful. I don’t even really want to have conversations with these dudes anymore, let alone try to schedule dates. I’d rather hide in my bed with a good book and maybe my vibrator if the night gets lonely…

Okay, so that’s probably a lie, and I do have two dates scheduled for this weekend. But, they’re not first dates. They’re actually third dates (big deal for me, I know).

In other news, remember Mike from last week? (He tried to deport me) Yeah…he totally read my post on him. Thankfully, I didn’t write anything too bad… Except for the fact that I let my hangriness get the best of me and I complained that he didn’t buy me dinner (oops).

I’m beginning to think that maybe I should stop telling guys that I write in sex and dating for Galore. I mean, at least not within the first few dates. What do you think? On one hand, I really hate hiding parts of myself from a guy on a first date. I like to let my freak flag fly as soon as possible (you know, so they can run away faster before I get too attached). But on the other hand, I don’t think guys I’ve just met need to know that I’m dating a bunch of guys at once, let alone writing about them all on a public site.

Until I figure that sh*t out, wish me luck on my third date with both these dudes this weekend. It could be dangerous…And instead of employing the “third date before you can sleep with him” rule, I’ll probably come home drunk and sext my f*ck buddy from back home…maybe this is why I’m still single?





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