I Used a Condom To Apply My Makeup And It Was Amazing

Choosing a condom to put over a Beauty Blender is weird. What size do I purchase? Ribbed? Textured? Latex? Non-Latex? Ultra Thin?

Then again, I guess putting a condom over a Beauty Blender is pretty weird in the first place. But, whatever.

I don’t know what person was crazy enough to put a condom over a Beauty Blender originally, but I do know that it made its way through the internet and ended up on my Instagram explore page.

When I first saw the video, I was equally intrigued and put off. But then I thought, do you know who would love this? My Galore fam would love this. Because what’s better than safe sex and makeup? The two combined (kinda.)

Let me first explain the two main reasons to cover a Beauty Blender with a condom.

1. Beauty Blenders are pretty gnarly when it comes to hygiene. Makeup and bacteria builds up within the Beauty Blender and no matter how many times you clean it, you’ll never get it clean enough. People have cut open Beauty Blenders and have found all sorts of weird $#!T inside. Google it. The use of a dirty Beauty Blender can lead to acne and skin infections. Covering a Beauty Blender with a condom provides a barrier between the makeup and the sponge but still allows for a bouncy application. The condom can also be rinsed and reused multiple times.

2. The Beauty Blender absorbs a ton of makeup, which means you’ll have to use more, purchase it more often, and you’ll end up wasting a lot of money over the course of a few months. The condom prevents the absorption and allows you to use less makeup.

I figured I’d give it a go and started by purchasing some condoms. Hot pink ones, naturally.

I then rinsed off the lubrication and strawberry flavoring (LMAO). I grabbed an old Beauty Blender that I no longer used (because of those nasty Beauty Blender videos I’d seen) and slipped it into the condom. I then tied off the end (like a balloon) and it was ready to go.

I placed one pump of foundation on the back of my hand and used my finger to dot it onto my face. Then I got to blending using my new condom blender (we’ll have to think of a cooler name for this) by dabbing and lightly gliding across my skin. The application was super quick and easy and I used half the foundation I would have if I had used a makeup brush or a Beauty Blender on its own.

I then placed my concealer in an upside down triangle under my eyes, a little between my eyes, on my chin, and under my cheekbones. Again, I blended out the concealer by dabbing and gliding.

I $#!T you not when I say that my skin had never looked so flawless IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. My foundation and concealer looked totally airbrushed, as if I had gotten it done professionally. I applied powder to set all of that liquid foundation and concealer and immediately noticed that my makeup didn’t look as heavy and cakey as it had the tendency to look previous to this fabulous discovery.

My life has been forever changed by a condom (although that’s probably not the first time). Next, I’ll get my mom and nana to try it. I’m sure they’ll be totally cool with rubbing condoms all over their faces.

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