The Top 20 Colleges for Girls With Sugar Daddies

College tuition is expensive.

No, seriously, it’s been rising nearly 6 percent quicker than the inflation rate, and there are no signs of it getting any cheaper.

Your old Republican grandfather may tell you how he worked as a newspaper boy to pay for school, but your part-time gig at Starbucks is not covering a year’s worth of tuition at your pricey liberal arts university. No way, no how.

That’s why many women are ditching the part-time minimum wage gigs for a more lucrative opportunity: being a sugar baby. A sugar baby is like a kept woman — someone who collects payment from an older, wealthy person in exchange for being young and hot. It doesn’t always include physical intimacy, but getting paid to keep rich, old, lonely men company is definitely not for everyone.

But apparently, college students are really into it. The website Seeking Arrangement released data late last year showing that over 42% of the sugar babies seeking sugar daddies on their site are students.

So the question arises: which schools are educating the most sugar babies? Is it the over-the-top, high-priced private schools? Or could you be sitting next to a sugar baby in your state school chem class?

Seeking Arrangement released the list of the schools which had the most members on their site. So here are the top 20 schools for sugar babies in the U.S.

1. University of Texas

2. Arizona State University

3. New York University

4. Kent State University

5. Georgia State University

6. University of Central Florida

7. Indiana University

8. University of Alabama

9. Temple University

10. University of California, Los Angeles

11. Columbia University

12. University of Michigan

13. University of Florida

14. University of Minnesota

15. Boston University

16. Tulane University

17. Penn State University

18. Virginia Commonwealth University

19. Louisiana State University

20. Florida State University

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