Celebrate 420 With Colleen Green

What better way to celebrate 420 than with our fave stoner chick and ultimate badass musician, Colleen Green. Her latest record, I Want To Grow Up, takes Colleen’s lo-fi cool-girl anthems to another level and we are obsessed. Before another amazing show on her tour with garage-punk goddesses Upset, Colleen dished on growing up, enjoying the simple things in life and celebrating 420 the right way.

Colleen Green - Hardly Art - 420 - Shea Stadium - Brooklyn - I Want To Grow Up - Photo Credit - Shannon Kurlander

Colleen, how are you celebrating 420?

We are playing in Seattle where my record label is located and that’s where Patty (Upset) is from. Everyone has a lot of good friends up there who like to smoke dat weed so it’s going to be fun.

Colleen Green - Hardly Art - 420 - Shea Stadium - Brooklyn - I Want To Grow Up - Sketch

I Want To Grow Up is your first studio record but feels like the most intimate and personal. Is that something that rings true for you?

I definitely feel like this one is more personal. All the stuff I’ve done has been personal and from the heart. I guess I just thought it would be better to have more interesting lyrics and that was subject matter I was thinking about. I’m inspired by personal events but it’s a song, it’s kind of like poetry to me. It’s always embellished and it’s not necessarily always about me. I thought it would be interesting to put my darkest thoughts out there.

What is something you will never grow out of?

Sugar. I have a sweet tooth. I love baked goods and sugar. I don’t know that I could err give that up. In moderation. Now that I’m an adult, I realize it’s everything in moderation.

Colleen Green - Hardly Art - 420 - Shea Stadium - Brooklyn - I Want To Grow Up - Photo Credit - Shannon Kurlander

It was recently “riot grrrl day”, at least in Boston, and I think it was a great moment to reflect on inspiring women in music. Who are some of those women for you?

I say “The Kims”: Kim Warnick, Kim Shattuck and Kim Deal. Not necessarily part of the whole riot grrrl movement but those are three badass Kims I am really inspired by. I just love them and their music. There’s also Nina and Louise from Veruca Salt. They’re f***ing badass and I’ve always loved them since I was little.

Your twitter provides a bounty of helpful tour lessons. Can you tell us the biggest takeaway lesson from tour life?

The most important one, that I never really had encountered before, was I hi-fived a cactus in Texas. One of those flat ones that looks really soft and cute. It had been de-spiked. It was all on the sidewalk along where there was a house so I thought someone came with a de-spiker all along there because there are dogs and people and stuff. So we were like, “Oh my god these cacti have so prickers, that’s so awesome. Haha cactus you can’t f*** with us now. Where are your prickers? You’re so tough.” I slapped it and 20 minutes later I was like, “Ugh, my hand hurts!” I look and my hand is covered in tiny little prickers that were pricked into my f***ing hand and I had to prick them all out. It sucked. And whoever was driving was like, “Oh man I got them too!” Since they were driving and squeezing the steering wheel, they got them too. It hurt so bad so I will never hi-five another cactus again.

I was thinking about the greatest moments in life and how sometimes, it’s the simple things. Like a slice of pizza at the end of a drunken night. What are some of those moments for you?

I clearly remember a moment after I recently moved to LA and I was eating huevos rancheros at this restaurant I had recently discovered in my neighborhood. They were really good, it was the morning-time, I had this really good coffee from a coffee shop in my neighborhood, I was texting a boy I liked, I was high and just sitting in my new kitchen with the sunlight and everything in L.A. I remember just being like, “Damn, I feel so happy right now.”

Interview & Photos by: Shannon Kurlander

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