Cody Simpson Talks New Problems & VS Spring Break Bash

I sat down with Cody Simpson to chat about new music projects, gearing up for spring break, and his excitement to host the VS PINK Spring Break Bash in Miami this month! The Australian singer is as genuine as he is talented, and his soulful new song proves his incredible versatility. Check out the exclusive interview below:


What is the biggest turnoff on a first date?

Any sort of artificialness going on in anyway. Like if the conversation isn’t natural, and you can tell that it’s- not fake necessarily because people use that word in different ways, but it just has to flow, you know what I mean? If she can’t hold a conversation then that’s a turnoff. I want to be challenged intellectually and if a girl can’t do that, then I’m not interested. I like a girl with soul.

What are 3 songs to get you stoked for spring break?

1. Burn One Down by Ben Harper

2. Free Fallin’ by John Mayer (Matoma & Nelsaan Tropical Mojito Remix) Every time I hear that one, it just puts me in the best mood. It’s such a great production and it always gets me hyped for any happy day, spring break, wherever- it just makes you happy to be there.

3. And any song by the Beach Boys

Your new single “New Problems” is a very passionate breakup song. What is the best way to get your girl back?

Write her a song, or a poem, or something involving art. I write songs and poetry so that’s my way of doing that. Gigi and I have broken up twice and I got her back both times by doing that. Very fortunately she was forgiving enough as a person to take me back.

You’re hosting Victoria’s Secret PINK Spring Break Bash in 2 weeks! What are you most excited about?

A couple things. The girls who will be there, including my girlfriend. I’m really excited to perform there, and it will be just me and a percussionist. I’ll have bongos and I’m playing electric guitar with a loop pedal and I think it’s going to be pretty impressive for people to see. I’m also excited to just have a nice time and host a fun party!

What are a couple things you can’t travel without?

A nice array of guitars. Candles, I like to have nice smelling ones on tour and in my dressing room, like coconut and bamboo candles. It makes a nice atmosphere wherever you are and helps me focus. That’s it really, I don’t need much.

When can we expect your new album to come out?

I have an EP with 5 songs on it, coming out on April 7th. Then I will be working on the album for the summertime, around July or so. Right around when the new Galore issue will come out.

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