Cody Simpson Stands Up For Gigi Hadid, Looks Hot Doing It


Cody Simpson stood up for Gigi Hadid at this weekend’s Kid’s Choice Awards, after rumors broke over a video of her allegedly snorting cocaine at a Victoria’s Secret event.

“She’s the best in the world,” Cody said. “She would never touch anything illegal, she would never do anything like that behind closed doors. I know her back to front and she’s just the sweetest thing.”

Here’s Cody speaking to ET on the red carpet, and an interviewer with a mohawk going apeshit over Gigi. We don’t blame him—we love her and the rest of the new brat pack. Also, how cute does Cody look here? His outfit is totally a nod to his roots in the outback, yet says, “I’m comfortable in Hollywood now.”

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