The Steeziest Looks From Week One Of Coachella

Ah, week one of Coachella, parting is such sweet sorrow.

There’s nothing quite like the first festival of the year. The sunshine feels great on your Vitamin D-deprived skin, the massive crowds jumping around you feel more comforting than claustrophobic, and of course, who can resist all that fabulous festival fashion? What is festival fashion, you ask? Just kidding. Of course you didn’t ask that. Even your out-of-touch mother knows what festival fashion looks like: fringe, big hats, boho-printed dresses, micro shorts, flower crowns, face jewels, and water bottles filled with molly juice (okay, hopefully they don’t know about that one).


While we wouldn’t go so far as to call it a costume, it’s 100% true that festivals have a dress code. Sure, there’s nothing stopping you from showing up in your best Hillary Clintonesque pantsuit, but nobody who spends $375 on a ticket wants to blow their whole festival experience by looking like they don’t belong. Going to festivals is just like being back in high school that way, only the stakes are way higher because the cool kids are actual celebrities.

Speaking of celebrities, here’s a look at our favorite celebrities rocking our favorite festival fashion trends (and a few who are so cool, the dress code doesn’t even apply).

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