Coachella Babes: Is MDMA As Safe As Riding A Bike?


Coachella is the festival that everybody wants to be at, because it’s a f*cking blast. You’ve got great music, sexy chicks in stylish clothes and beautiful weather. You’ve also probably got the pick of the lot in terms of drugs if you’re thinking of enhancing your Coachella experience.

Unfortunately, with the recent rise of popularity with music festivals as well as drugs like MDMA, there have also been some tragic stories involving harm to drug-users, some even resulting in death.

Yet, the two scientists who contribute to The Lancet Psychiatry Journal say otherwise. Teri Krebs and her husband Pål-Ørjan Johansen argue that psychedelic drugs have much less negative affects than alcohol and other legal substances. They claim that over 30 million U.S. adults have tried psychedelics before without negative health repercussions.

They write that, “Based on extensive human experience, it is generally acknowledged that psychedelics do not elicit addiction or compulsive use and that there is little evidence for an association between psychedelic use and birth defects, chromosome damage, lasting mental illness, or toxic effects to the brain or other organs.”

Johansen even goes on to admit that while these drugs may cause temporary emotional issues and delusions for the user, there are no long term effects and the risk of injury is no greater than riding a bike or playing soccer.

The couple has also begun crowd-funding in the hopes to raise enough money to build a foundation that will further their efforts in legalizing these drugs that they believe can help with other medical problems such as Parkinson’s and alcohol addiction.

Unfortunately, for Krebs and Johansen, I’m not sure if this legalization will happen anytime soon. I mean, we’re still working on Marijuana legalization- and that’s a drug that doesn’t make you hallucinate flying unicorns. Regardless of whether or not their research is accurate, be safe out there Coachella babes!


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