Coachella Round Up: 10 Best Moments From Weekend 1

In case you weren’t there, check out all of the craziness that happened during Coachella Weekend 1.

1. Before the weekend started, Kylie Jenner posted up photos of her new blue hair on Instagram. She then proceeded to rock baseball caps on top of the new do all weekend during the festival.


2. Meanwhile Kylie’s sister, Kendall was seen getting cozy with Justin Bieber prior to the festivities. The pair were spotted numerous times together during the rest of the weekend as well…hm…


3. Not wanting to miss out on all the fun, Beyoncé hopped on her private jet and flew out to Indio, CA, and made quite an entrance in a beautiful flowing dress – which she made sure to document on Instagram with this cute post.

A video posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on Apr 11, 2015 at 9:02am PDT

4. Not getting bogged down in the traditional festival wear, Rihanna wrapped herself in this purple fur coat, and paired it with some pink boots that reminded us of the Bikini Bottom sky in Spongebob.

Rihanna wears a full length purple fur coat and pink boots in the desert as she smokes a funny looking cigarette and watches a concert at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio

5. And later, she watched her ex bf, Drake, fall victim to Madonna sucking the life out of him via kiss in this aztec print ensemble that she paired with Balenciaga leather boots and a beaded bra. The display left Rih notably, unbothered.


7. FKA Twigs killed literally everyone with the jaw dropping set she performed in this slightly puzzling, yet mesmerizing ensemble. If you weren’t there to take it all in, or missed the stream, watch the full set here.


8. Tyler The Creator and Kendall Jenner exchanged light hearted “f*** you”s during Tyler’s set. He later followed up the “f*** you” with a tweet stating, “People think I really hate you love hahahah.” And in case you missed it, Kendall immediately followed up the middle finger she gave Tyler with a heart.


9. Azealia Banks spit fire delivering new material “Heavy Metal and Reflective” from the album she finally released late last year, “Broke With Expensive Taste,” to a huge crowd. Watch her kill it in the video below.

10. And of course, who could forget Drake’s priceless reaction to Madonna’s surprise kiss she gave him when he brought her out for his set.




Stay tuned this upcoming weekend for everything that goes down during Coachella Weekend 2.

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