Your favorite OG hair brand is perfect for your festival hair goals

Bed Head by TIGI is still one of the leading hair-care brands, and it’s one of those brands that’s immediately recognizable by all. How many of us went through middle school without using a single Bed Head by TIGI product?

Probably not that many.

We all know Bed Head is a leading hair care brand for a reason. Their products and hot tools are not to be contested, and I personally use one Bed Head product at least daily. Their products are also perfect for festival season, when you are in desperate need of good products that actually do what they say they will do.

When you’re at a festival, you have to consider fly-aways, wind, dust, sweat, dancing, and more. These obstacles can make it difficult to have your hair looking bomb for a (usually) 15+ hour day in the sun. Thankfully, Bed Head has us covered.

We’ve put together a definitive list of the Bed Head products we’re obsessed with. These products are sure to get you through Coachella, or any festival, with no worries about if your hair looks good or not!

1. Masterpiece

Masterpiece is a massive shine hairspray that gives you that serious hold – aka keeps your hair locked down for the craziness of Coachella. This spray adds body and resists humidity while guarding against dryness, which is perfect for that Palm Springs weather. Masterpiece holds any style together, and it’s good for any hair length or texture.

2. Headrush

Headrush is a lightweight mist that gives your hair an extremely glossy look with all-over coverage. This mist adds depth to highlights and color, which works super well for that LA blonde life. Headrush eliminates static for a smooth and healthy finish. Bring this in your festival backpack when you need something for on-the-go.

3. After Party

After Party is the perfect party favor for TIGI’s frizz-prone peeps. This hair creme is for silky, smooth, shiny, and healthy looking hair. You can control the funky fly-aways and silkify your hair. If you have stubborn fly aways or are always getting frizz due to sweat/moisture, this creme is for you.

4. Oh Bee Hive

Oh Bee Hive is the dry hair shampoo of our dreams! It is made with super fine powder that absorbs the excess oils that weigh your hair down. Oh Bee Hive is perfect for if you’re camping out at Coachella and don’t think you’ll be able to wash your hair all weekend. This dry shampoo will save you!

5. Manipulator

Manipulator is a pliable, fiber-forming cream that allows for separating, twists, and spikes for funky hair. This creme gives you hair lots of body and tames fly-aways for a more natural look. Manipulator is good for any hair length and texture. This one’s perfect for that more complicated hair look you want to rock at Coachella.


All Photos Courtesy of Bed Head by TIGI

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