Channel These 5 90’s Rom Com Bombshells This V-Day

Valentine’s fashion is rough to interpret. There are so many cheap ass red dresses on the market, and we can’t have our Galore gals looking like ratchet hoes when they’re trying to get it in!! So instead of channelling Laura Ingalls Wilder in a rose printed ankle length dress, take some red and pink style inspo from our favorite 80’s and 90’s rom-coms. Not only will binge-watching these movies get you in the mood for luuurve, they will have you looking like the OG leading ladies we know you all admire. Scroll for our favorites, but be sure not to make like Cher in Clueless and stumble into some bad lighting!

Pair your gown with ultra-dark eye makeup and burgundy lips like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

We recommend skipping a full-length tutu like Bianca’s, but her two-piece prom dress is absolutely ah-dorable.


Work a mini like Cher with pink lips and pulled back hair.


She might be animated, but that doesn’t stop Jessica Rabbit from being one of the best bombshells in history.


Baby Cameron Diaz rocked a slit-up-to-there bodycon in The Mask with red lips and some of the best f***-me eyes we’ve ever seen.

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