Cliche But Necessary Sex Tools

Sex can be fun. Sex can be exciting. Sex can also be mundane and boring but there are so many things out there to make it new again. Surprise your man (or woman) with some cliche but classic sex tools to spice things up!

Blindfolds | Awh yeah baby. During sex, visuals are awesome but the excitement of the unknown can spice things up even more. With a blindfold there’s an added element of surprise added to an already exciting situation. With a blindfold who knows where your hands and mouth will land.

Lingerie | Sex with your beau can get pretty boring and typical. Pulling your panties to the slide. Blah and boring. Catch him off guard with ultra sexy lingerie, heels and a full face. Even add a wig. Be your inner sex kitten.

Edibles | Sex is already sticky and sweet but can get even sweeter. Deep throat spray, candy panties, oils…you name it!


Handcuffs | A little Fifty Shades of Grey but restraint can be really sexy, with consent of course. Let him (or her) feel like they’re in charge. Just don’t lose the keys.



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