Grammy Winners Clean Bandit Are Ready for the Party

We’ve never been shy about our love for Clean Bandit and now the newly minted Brit and Grammy award winners are heading on their North American tour with some serious hardware in tow. The had an amazing shoot with the photographer Angelo Kritikos in Los Angeles and afterwards their main lady, Grace Chatto, took a second to chat with us about the best house party playlists, insane workouts, and life on the road as the hottest act in dance music.
All Photos by Angelo Kritikos
How are you thinking of video ideas while you create the music? You guys come up with such original concepts.
That’s mainly Jack, his imagination is wild and he is often thinking visually and aurally at the same time. Recently, we’ve come up with video ideas later, after we’ve made the music, but in the past it has sometimes been the other way round!
And how are you guys writing your songs? Do you write collectively or come together after tinkering separately?
Jack writes most stuff while he is on some kind of mode of transport! I remember him writing and showing me the main string/synth riff while we were travelling on the subway! When we wrote our first album New Eyes, Neil and Luke were still in education and did not have time to write much, but for our second album we’re going to try spending some intensive time all together in a studio.
What is the very first thing that you guys did when you found out about your Brit Award and Grammy nominations?
I found out about both via a text message from Jack while I was in bed. Both texts helped me to get up and seize the day!
 Give us 5 songs that have to be on the playlist at a great house party.
Kelly Rowland – Motivation
Will.i.Am ft Miley Cyrus – Feelin Myself
Ace of Base – All That She Wants
Ms Dynamite – Wile Out
Dario G – Sunchyme
You guys are starting a North American tour next month. How do you stay sharp for each show? Rest, yoga, diet?
I need to work on this. Last time we toured in the US, the rest of the band (and crew!) took on the ‘Insanity‘ workout every time we arrived in a new city. It was too insane for me, but it was funny watching them all doing crazy moves in the venues every morning, while the technicians set up our equipment around them, no doubt thinking “crazy Brits!”
So are you guys utter rascals or complete bastards? And which one has more fun?
Utter rascals. Very fun.
Photography by Angelo Kritikos
Wardrobe by Wilford Lenov
Makeup & Hair by Paul Blanch with Opus Beauty
Grooming by Frankie Payne with Opus Beauty
Clean Bandit wear Champion, L.OR.D.S, Without Walls, Drifter, Amarilo, Topman

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