Get Through Winter Storm Jonas With This Classy Version of a Red Bull Vodka

Just like all other sports, drinking has seasons.

Summer is all about rooftop beer gardens and margaritas by the pool. Fall is centered on pumpkin-spiced martinis and seasonal craft brews by a fire pit.

But winter can be a little trickier. While you can brave the cold for spiked hot cocoa and ice skating, there’s a certain point in January where you simply do not want to leave your house and therefore need some booze from your own liquor cabinet.

After all, cuffing season exists because nobody wants to go out and find someone to take home. It’s better to stay home with a slam piece, huddled in down-comforters and electric blankets. But, just because you’re not going to the bar doesn’t mean you can’t bring the bar to you. After all, how are you going to get in the mood to make love by your (computer generated) fireplace? Not to mention that some whiskey drinks can actually fend off your winter flu.

So we asked New York’s Bounce Sporting Club’s mixologist, Spencer Elliot, to share with us the drink of the season. He says it’s all about the Dani Alves (recipe at bottom of page).

This cocktail contains “big flavors like espresso and banana smoothed out by the Averna cream. On the finish you can really taste the overproof whiskey to round out an excellent cocktail.” 

We say: the coffee will keep you awake for the marathon Netflix and chill sessions that are about to take place as you wait for the storm to pass, and the whiskey will get you drunk. Not to mention when you’re drinking an actual cocktail and not an RBV, you don’t have to feel sleazy for starting to imbibe before the sun goes down.

Where does the Dani Alves get its name, though? Elliot explains:

“Dani Alves, right back for FC Barcelona, was targeted for racism and when a banana was thrown at him during a match he picked it up, peeled it, and ate it. Alves didn’t let it bother him and I liked his confidence and how he handled a bad situation in a great way.”

This drink “has just the right kick to make the right type of cocktail for the colder months,” Elliot concludes.

The only catch is that banana Jameson is not sold in stores, and Spencer can’t share his secret recipe. But that’s what Google is for, right?

And if you’re in NYC once the snow melts, you can always head down to Bounce and try one of Spencer’s concoctions for yourself.

The Dani Alves:

2 oz Banana Jameson
¼ oz Averna Il Crem Amaro
1 oz Espresso
¼ oz Over Proof 50% Alc Whiskey (Wild Turkey)

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