5 Halloween Costumes For The Conservative Girl

I am a fan of the slutty Halloween costume. Girls get so much backlash these days about dressing provocatively in general and I personally think that it is inspiring when I see a girl strut down the street looking confident and sexy. Some girls don’t have the sort of confidence required to dress like a vamp everyday and that is where Halloween comes in. However, there are also some girls for whom dressing like a sex bomb just isn’t their style, and that is ok! For those girls who just aren’t into the slutty costume tradition, here are a few looks for you:

1. Daisy Buchanan: The Great Gatsby may have gotten mixed reviews as far as plot and overall quality go ( I personally loved every minute of it), but no one can deny, the Prada designed costumes were perfect! As I have said, the flapper look is the perfect way to look sexy yet elegant. Go for a beaded shift dress, full length skirt and all. The look can be found at any Urban Outfitters or thrift store!


2. Beetlejuice: Why is it that this is forever a boy’s costume only! Angelina Jolie proved long ago that a woman is a tux is always classy and sexy! And pinstripes are in this season (Just look at H&M). Buy a chalk striped blazer and pants at H&M or Urban and get ready to look like the hot, yet demure goth girl that you have always wanted to be (or maybe already are).


3. White Swan: Yes Mila as the black swan is sexy in all her curvaceous black clad beauty, but the White swan is just breathtakingly lovely. A feathered tutu and jeweled tank can make an ethereal angelic costume and at this time of year both things can be found at your local Buffalo Exchange or even Ricky’s!

rodarte black-swan-rodarte-white-swan

4. Daenerys Targaryan: The ultimate female badass! With her white blonde hair and and warrior armour, Her characer’s wardrobe has become much more woman fighter queen than scared little princess girl and if you want respect and admiration this Halloween, than by all means dawn this persona and you will get it. A long blue trench coat and knee-high boots are all you need for this simple costume.


5. Cara Delevingne: The one real person on this list has had more crazy costumes than any of these combined. And not one of them is slutty (most aren’t even particularly sexy) but they are always original and interesting. Grab a snarky slogan tee, a beanie and some jeans and call it a day. And if anyone asks? You are Queen Cara motherfucker! Own it!


Written by: Amanda Lang

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