Christian Siriano Advises Against This Celebrity Approved Trend

It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed, right?

Christian Siriano’s FW16 runway show took place yesterday, February 13, during New York Fashion Week. The show was inspired by artist Sheila Hicks’ “Art of the Yarn” exhibit. “After researching her work and the idea of yarn design as a form of art, I became inspired by all the many different techniques of knitting and weaving in fabrications,” said Christian.

And after seeing Christian’s knitwear-turned-evening-wear designs walk down the runway, it’s clear he was inspired. “It was important to stay true to the inspiration while remaining mindful of our loyal customer and her love of femininity,” Chirstian continued, “and we are introducing her to a hint of tailored Bowie androgyny.” His FW16 collection uses volume, texture, soft fibers, and masculine undertones in shape and silhouette, somehow making chunky knits sexy.

We caught up with Christian before all the NYFW backstage commotion to find out his biggest fashion dos and don’ts of the season. Check it out, below.

See Christian Siriano’s FW16 show HERE.

Mallory Llewellyn: What style or trend are you into this season?

Christian Siriano: As a designer I don’t try to think in that way. I never think about what people do.

That makes sense! Well, you’re definitely known for your evening wear. What’s your design motto?

CS: Yes, I’m really into overdressing! I’d rather somebody be glammed up and overdressed than casual.

How come?

CS: There’s nothing better than walking in a room and feeling amazing. It’s so much worse to walk in a room wearing jeans and realize you shouldn’t have been.

Do you notice when people are underdressed?

CS: When I go to places I’m always like who is the girl in the sequined gown sitting having lunch? I think that’s so much more interesting. That’s just my little overdressed world I like to live in.

Okay, well what’s a fashion don’t?

CS: I’m a little over the athleisure look. Like I get it, but you didn’t really go to the gym twice today, so you’re good. You can move on. You don’t have to wear your workout clothes anymore [laughs].

Photo credit: Vogue Runway

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