Chrissy Teigen Ruled Over The Billboard Music Awards, Trips & Eye Rolls Included


Taylor Swift might have won Top Artist Of The Year at Billboard last night, but the real star of the show was babelicious Chrissy Teigen as the host. The adorable Sports Illustrated model kept us entranced throughout the night—yes, even through Kanye’s barely visible, booed performance—with her cute laugh and amazing outfit changes.

Which outfit was best? The sweeping red number? The stripey Balmain jumpsuit that perhaps no one else in the world could rock? The only thing that would have made her transformations better would have been if she spun around and emerged in a whole new outfit a la Miley in the Hannah Montana theme song. The entire show was live though, so we’ll forgive that one.

Back to that red dress— it was the alleged culprit of an accidental trip-up of an audience member. As Teigen made her way up to the stage with the train trailing behind her in a swoosh of chiffon magic, an audience member attempting to get out of its path of destruction tripped to her knees.

“I’m not a monster!” Teigen said in apology of the wardrobe malfunction. “She should be out of the hospital by Christmas.” The model Tweeted. Oh, Chrissy, how you josh!

That wasn’t the only controversy about Teigen’s performance that blew up the Twitterverse today. There has also been some debate about whether or not she openly dissed Iggy Azalea with a blatent red carpet eye roll. Here’s the rundown: as she and crooner heartthrob John Legend wrapped up a pre-show interview with Guiliana Rancic, Iggy Azalea entered stage right to a chorus of high-pitched, teenage girl screams. Teigen nearly got whip lash turning to see the source of the noise, then turned back to face camera. With her luscious gold locks spilling over her shoulders, she opened her smokey eyes wide and undeniably rolled them. The eye roll might have been directed towards the sound of adolescent girl excitement, though….

Controversy be damned, Teigen was a good host. Adorable, lol-worthy, and sassy, Chrissy’s got my vote for a return performance next year!


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