Are Rihanna And Chris Brown Already Back Together?

Recently, Rihanna’s love life has been the subject of a lot of speculation:

Was she dating Leonardo DiCaprio? Sadly, no. They were just hanging out f-cking on the low.
Was she dating 
Formula One race car driver Lewis Hamilton?  They’ve been hanging out, but that’s hardly definitive proof.  After all, he was dancing with other women at that festival she went to in Barbados.  Have you seen how hot Rihanna looked there?
Was she dating NBA star Matt Barnes? Bitch, she ain’t even met him.

However, maybe Rihanna hasn’t been moving on in her life because she’s still in love with a boy named Breezy.

As THL reports, according to “an aspiring, young singer named Assata”, Chris Brown is totally FaceTiming with Rihanna “as if they were still boyfriend and girlfriend.”  According to Assata, Chris Brown is also in the studio right now with Fetty Wap and French Montana, but nobody cares about that side of the story.

Although Assata SnapChatted about what she saw, she has since deleted her evidence, but thanks to the persistence of the gossip blogs, you can still check it all out online.

While we’re not exactly thrilled at the prospect of Rihanna going back to the man who not so long ago beat the living sh-t out of her, at the end of the day, Rihanna’s a grown ass woman, who can do whatever she wants with her life.  Still, here’s hoping this one is just a rumor. Lewis Hamilton is so much cuter than Chris Brown anyway.

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