4 Things You Need To Know About Chris Brown And His Baby

Holy WOW. Even Chris Brown is hopping on the beauties having babies trend! Our favorite golden locked rapper/ break dancer allegedly has a nine month old daughter. When we heard this news we were like WTF and naturally had to learn everything about the sitch ASAP. Here’s all the info we can find, AKA everything you need to know about Chris Brown’s baby pappa drama!


1. The mamma is model/video vixen Nia Gonzales! Don’t get her twisted with model Nia Riley, though.

2. The BB is a 9 month old girl but no one knows her name, yet.

3. Someone else is claiming to be the father on Instagram. It’s been reported that Chris did a paternity test earlier this week and he is, in fact, the dad.

4. Chris’s GF Karrueche Tran is having no part of it.


It’s not much, but it’s something. There are so many conflicting reports going around, we barely know what to believe. Wonder what Rihanna thinks of all this. All we can say is, best of luck to Chris and his adorable baby!

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