Choose Your Own Adventure: Naughty Or Nice Bieber?

Bieber, Bieber, Bieber; you remind us of that ex-boyfriend that we could never really understand. First you’re trying to prove yourself as a bad boy who’s more than the pre-teen pop star crooning about that “One Time.” Now, you’re trying to go back to your roots and make us all realize that you’re a good guy after all and was just trying to impress your fans.

We can imagine how hard it must be as a young celebrity to decide which image you want to showcase for the world, but you gotta pick one Biebs! Or else people are going to stop beliebing that you’re being real.


After getting the feels from his apology video last week, we now have an explanation from the man himself, as he explained on Ellen. He reminded us that he’s human too (okay, once you are in a Calvin Klein ad, we tend to forget), and you gotta admit that everybody has a little bit of a good and bad side, right?

Maybe he should survey the ladies? Girls, who do you prefer….

Naughty Bieber?


or Nice Bieber?


Naughty Bieber?

Galore_Mag_Justin_BieberOr Nice Bieber?


I can’t pretend I don’t like the bad boys myself.. but a history of brothel visits and mugshots isn’t a good look for anyone, props to Biebs for trying to clean up while he still can!


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