Look Out Taylor, Chloe Sevigny Is Coming Out With A Zine About ALL Her Exes

These days, from Amber Rose to Kim Kardashian, it seems like everybody is putting together their own books.  Chloe Sevigny, style icon, actress and a forever it-girl, is no exception.  But because she’s still the coolest chick on the block, girl is putting out a zine.


No Time For Love tells the story of all the men Sevigny has loved and lost through pictures, snippets of Page 6 gossip, and lots and lots of strategically placed stickers to, you know, “protect the anonymity of the boys.”

From her father to her true loves and to all the crushes in between, No Time For Love will be released on June 17 via Innen Zines.  Even though it’s impolite to kiss and tell, for Chloe Sevigny, we’ll make an exception.

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