What Exactly Is Chloé’s “Le Flou”?

Today calls for much celebration- it’s finally Friday, the sun is shining down on our freshly bronzed skin, and this morning Chloé released its whimsical Spring/Summer 2015 collection, The Flou. If you’re asking yourself, “what exactly does flou even mean?” you’re asking exactly the question the genius designer hoped you would.

The collection is introduced with a short video of a mysterious woman sitting in a Parisian café who explains the meaning behind The Flou, as well as the inspiration for the elegant, flowing gowns featured in the collection in an incredibly imaginative manner. Her French voice entrancing, and her story magical, the collection is brought to life. In no time you will be dreaming of Paris chatter and coveting each beautifully designed piece. Bravo, Chloé, and au revoir bank account.

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