How to chill the f*ck out about texting your new crush

When it comes to texting a new potential boo, even the chillest among us can start to feel a bit hectic.

Should you be real af and text him as soon as you get his messages? Or will that come off thirsty? Should you calculate how long it takes him to respond to you, triple that, divide by 2, and wait that amount of time to text back? AND WTF IS THE DEAL WITH EMOJI USE?!

It’s enough to drive a gal mad. And honestly, we all have way more important shit to think about than this. So we consulted Lindsey Summers, author of the ridiculously popular YA novel “Textrovert,” for her intel.

Here’s what she had to say.

1. Get the timing right.

“When you get that text from your crush, don’t wait too long to reply – but don’t text back right away either! It’s ok to give yourself ten minutes to let the anticipation build and keep your crush on their toes. You don’t want to look too eager right? On that note…”

2. Don’t let texting get in the way of YOU time.

“Finish that book chapter, let your nails dry, wrap up whatever you currently have going on before you even think about responding.”

3. Keep convos short and sweet.

“We’ve all been guilty of drawing out that texting convo with that cute new guy we met on an app – only to be let down when we actually meet them in person. The longer you rely on texting, the more you build the person up in your head. Bottom line: meet with them sooner rather than later so you don’t have false expectations.”

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4. Make the messages come from you.

“Don’t rely on your friends to help you come up with a text response. Yes, their input is valued, but ultimately it’s up to you to send what you’re comfortable with!”

5. Reference things you know about them.

“For example, if their favorite food is pizza, you might ask them to weigh in on the pineapple pizza debate (it can tell you a lot about a person).”

6. Don’t overthink it.

“At the end of the day, they’re just messages. If you’re going to click IRL, texts won’t make or break your relationship.”

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