Chill: Being Boy Crazy Is Not Cute


You’re the best thing ever. You have a pretty face, small waist, an amazing ass and the personality to match. You’ve got a fan club of thirsty guys just waiting for a text back, but the only guy you see yourself with doesn’t give you even the fraction of attention. Sucks. Sucks ass, actually. But you know what? It’s okay.

As women, sometimes we take on the role of a hopeless romantic. It doesn’t hurt to send one more text or call one last time, but it’s never the last. He doesn’t flat out say, “leave me alone” so there must be some hope? Wrong.

Shouldn’t he be courting you? Or shouldn’t the effort be at least mutual? Yes.

Men normally go after what they want. It’s not always true that if he isn’t texting you, he’s texting someone else. Some guys are legit focused. He could be shy, but that’s no excuse. Girl, if some of the focus isn’t on you…thrown in the towel.

Or at least just chill. It’s f*cking hard because if you don’t say anything then he won’t either. He’s not too shy. He’s not too busy. He just isn’t that into you, which sucks. I know. But before all this, you didn’t even know he existed. You were probably too wrapped up in another guy.

And with 8 billion people on this planet, there will be far more men.

There are men who are eager to see you, like talking to you, enjoy being around you etc. A relationship where you can benefit mutually. So do yourself a favor and stop trying. You shouldn’t have to try. Delete his number.

If he starts initiating things then cool, but there’s no reason why you always have to be the one. No reason at all. Balance, baby. Get some.

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