Chief Keef’s Weed Shop And Other Celeb Stores We Wish Existed

As if we needed another reason to relocate to California, teen rapper Chief Keef has taken it upon himself to open up (what else?) a weed shop in Compton, Ca. Called the Glo Gang Weed Shop, it happens to be located in an area of California where weed shops are pretty scarce, and this particular shop caters to those with medical marijuana cards who are in need of a friendly neighborhood smoke shop to buy their medically necessary kush. We are loving this idea and it has made us think of what sort of shops other celebrities might be willing to open up…not that we’re greedy but perhaps they could take these into account as possibilities?

Miley’s Teddy Bear Bong Shop

When we think of Miley, two things come to mind. Animal plushies and pot. The eternal child who parties harder than Paris, is the ideal celeb to combine her two loves and create a store dedicated entirely to stuffed animal shaped bowls and bongs. Not a bad idea, no?

Forgotten Wigs of Nicki Minaj

Nicki may have given up her crazy hair trends for good, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world has forgotten, or given up on their goal to look like Nicki circa only one year ago, back before she became an uber classy anaconda tamer.

Taylor Swift’s Kitty Corner


I mean who better to open a kitten shop than the gal who can make kittens appear simply by sipping on a bottle of Diet Coke?

Drake’s Tears


There’s probably enough of them to bottle and sell right?



We’ll just buy anything Beyonce sells.

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