These chic laptop bags will get you to finally ditch your backpack

Even though backpacks are enjoying a fashion moment, there are a certain times in a young woman’s life where they’re tragique to be seen with.

Sure it’s good for class or to fill with booze to take to a casual house party, but when you’re going to work? Please.

No matter how nice or trendy your backpack looks, backpacks just don’t go with the working girl chic dress code. And there are only so many times you can wear one to an after-work event without feeling like you’re a trashbag playing at a career.

I should know. I lived that life until just a few months ago.

I was on the hunt for the perfect laptop bag for YEARS before I found the one.

Everything I found was always ugly, boring, embarrassing, or cost more than $50. I was cheap! And I was an idiot.

But then as luck would have it, one of my neighbors left the perfect albeit slightly used laptop bag on my stoop.

And I kid you not, it was a game changer. Finally, I had a bag I could take from work to literally wherever that I’d never be embarrassed to be seen with. And as corny as it sounds, it made me feel more confident. But also it made me feel like an idiot, because I should have bought one years ago.

So please, take my advice. Don’t wait for divine providence. A good laptop bag is worth the financial investment. And not to be a snob, but you want it to cost more than $100 because that means it’s actually being made from quality materials that aren’t gonna break in the middle of a crowded intersection five months after you bought the bag.

So put on your big girl pants, or forward this article to your parents, and get those credit cards out.

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1. The classic tote


The Transport Tote, $168, Madewell 

This is the bag I found on my stoop! Can you believe it? I can’t sometimes.

The oxblood, maroony color goes with absolutely everything I own and it can fit a shit ton of stuff in it.  Like pretty much everything I used to cram in my backpack.

It’s deceptively deep, just like that frat bro you had a life-changing convo with in a basement one time and have spent the rest of your life searching for.

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2. The extra extra, read all about me on the cover of Forbes


The Emma, $398, Jemma 

This bag really takes things to the next level!

And yes, I know it looks kinda teensy in this picture, but it’s actually kinda briefcase-sized.

Anyway, the people who designed this bag are smarty pants, so they included a compartment for literally anything you’d need to carry! Including water bottled and earbud headphones. Plus when it rains, you won’t have to worry about holding your bag shut so your laptop doesn’t get water damage.

Trust, I’ve seen this bag IRL and I said wow multiple times. My favorite color is the red one, but it also comes in black & white and navy blue.

3. The convertible


The Alo 2.0, $330-283, VeroVerto

Worn one way, this bag is another example of the classic tote, put look closely and you’ll realize it’s got some features I wish my tote had. Namely a zipper enclosure, so you can protect your expensive laptop from water damage.

Plus, if you’re on a crowded subway or your one shoulder is just getting really tired of carrying all that weight around, you can convert this bag into a backpack!

And yes, I know what I said about backpacks before, but what you do on your way home isn’t anybody’s business.

This bag comes in a variety of colors, my favorite’s the classic black.

And don’t look now but VeroVerto is having a 40% off sale right now!

Like I said before, get those credit cards out. Invest in yourself bb.

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