Berlin Girl Chi Cao Hanh Is A Total Foodie

Together with her mom and brother, Chi Cao Hanh is the owner of one of Berlin’s, and our personal favourite restaurants, Dudu. With a second spot about to be opened, the vietnamese creator of deliciousness has got us hooked once again.


Photographer: Kate Bellm

EVE: As a true Berliner, how do the changes of the city make you feel?

CHI: Berlin has changed incredibly. Quick and fast. It is fast-paced. Where once were laundromats, now there are numerous shops or galleries where artists from all over the world exhibit their art. Between the dreary prefabricated buildings and the few squats, you can find matt black design houses, next to a hostel and various coffee spots. It is absurd how quickly everything turns and turns, nearly impossible to stay up to date. Everybody wants to join, integrate and be part of it. The craze to be productive is enormous, very different from 10 years ago. Seven years ago, everybody advised us against opening our restaurant on Torstrasse. They said, “.. There is nothing there but a noisy road and one kebab joint lined up next to each other”. We are pleased and grateful that we did it anyway despite many doubters. It feels good to have helped the development of this street and to be a part of its environment. I am proud of our city!

EVEWhat’s currently hot: West or East Berlin?

CHI: I am an Easterner and so my heart beats for the East of course, as many of my childhood memories lay here. But when I grow up I want to live in City West. Both have their advantages. Mitte is like youth; a construction site never finished or grown up, where the nights become days and time is forgotten. West is the future, the adultness, there you will find sedentariness. Each district is very different, thats what I also like about Berlin!

EVE: Where can you get the best sushi in town?

CHI: I like the Sassaya, the ambience radiates peace. It is classically Japanese, without much highlights in decoration, but very authentic. Here you can fully rely on high quality sushi, which is the single most important thing when eating raw fish.

EVE: What’s is the weirdest thing you ever tasted?

CHI: Eisbein, which is pickled knuckle of pork, a traditional German dish. You eat it with sauerkraut and mashed peas and round it off with a gravy. It tastes like it looks. Disgusting!

EVE: Your 3 Ultimate Closet Must Haves?

CHI: There are days where no matter what you put on it doesn’t feel good, but then there’s that outfit that always works. It is usually not the best fitting jeans, but THE jeans, which when thinking back you had your hottest flirt in. These jeans with a white shirt, a well fitting lace bra, my beloved biker jacket and nothing can happen to me.

EVE: What’s your joker move in bed?

CHI: There are plenty of moves you can pull during sex, but those usually come naturally and usually depending on your opponent, what feeling he gives you, how much he loves or desires you. But whatever always works are small and really good BJ breaks.


CHI: Chocolate soufflé, when it is still warm outside and fluid in the middle.


CHI: Like every year, to pay attention to my health and vitality, giving love to my family and friends and to find the meaning of life. Loving and allowing to be loved.

Story Curators: eVe without adam

Captured At Crackers, Berlin


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