Hairstylist Cherin Choi Tells Us How To Get The Perfect Festival Hair

Cherin Choi is the hair stylist you’ve always dreamed of, for both cut and color. She’s set up shop at Ramirez Tran Salon in Beverly Hills, but is now beginning to book appointments in New York City. Hair is a tricky thing—a stylist that works for one person usually doesn’t work for the other. However, Cherin has a client list full of celebs, it-girls and some of the hottest babes to exist, all with a variety of hair wants and needs. Whether you’re longing for some tips straight from a professional, searching for your dream festival look, or scouting for that perfect someone to give you a spring makeover, Cherin is your girl.


Can a girl keep her hair healthy in the sun?

Yes! There are several products I recommend that have UV protection. Most people are unaware of the concept of protecting their hair from the sun! Before you step out into the heat, throw some Oribe Gold Lust in those ends, or try the Oribe Foundation Mist! It’s UV protection and anti static for a long lasting style out!

What’s the easiest festival hair style that won’t look like shit by the end of the day?

It’s hot and can get windy! I recommend trying some cute variations of braids or buns! There are so many options and versions of anything, from classic pigtails to Bjork circa ’90s buns. 


What’s the best hair repair masque a Galore Girl can get?

Inphenom Hair Treatment! It’s the absolute best!! I recommend using it in replacement of your conditioner and treating yourself as often as needed. My hair is extremely dry so I use it with every wash, and only in the mid-shaft down and I like to leave a little in the ends 🙂

Is “ombré” still cool? I feel like it’s not even considered a trend anymore, it’s just what hair is now.

Ombré is just ombré. What’s cool is low maintenance hair color. You might start with highlights and 8 months down the line still be enjoying your color. That’s cool!

What’s your least favorite hair trend?

One shaved side. 

What’s your biggest hair mistake or style you’ve ever made/had?

I have literally tried everything on myself! My only hair regret was also the inspiration that sparked my interest in becoming a hairdresser. When I was a senior in high school I went to beauty school to get my hair done, and I let the girl express her creativity and my virgin black hair. It translated to two yellow panels on the sides of my black head. Yes, I was still feeling myself. My senior photos are a forever reminder of how bad the look actually was. The experience of the entire process and the vibrant and excited energy of the students forever stayed with me.

Why hair? What about it was intriguing to you? 

The makeover! The way good hair can make someone feel. The ability to change someone’s entire look with minor or major adjustments. It feels so good give people the hair that they want or never new they could have. 

I’ve been told a hair brush changes everything, which one do you recommend?

Every girl should own a Mason Pearson. Make the investment and treat yourself! You only need one to make your hair shiny and smooth. If you have super fine or tangly hair, get a Tangle Teezer. It will change your life.

What’s a hair trend you are currently loving?

Low maintenance hair color. I love that my clients have hair color they can enjoy for 8 months or a even over a year! I’m a tomboy myself and love a wash-and-go lifestyle.


Baddie is everything! It was such a pleasure to shoot with her and Dimepiece! Baddie is a badass boss lady, extremely hardworking and professional. After the shoot, we all shared some herbs and she gave us advice on life and love—definitely a night to remember!

It’s difficult for many hairdressers to get a job in a salon like Ramirez Tran. What is your attitude on assisting/interning? Advice for people who want to work at a high-end salon?

Assisting is a humbling existence and a mastery in itself. You’re learning the techniques and process that took us years to develop at a very rapid pace. You have to be in it for the long haul and stay dedicated or you won’t benefit fully. I recommend finding a place to work where you are inspired and feel pushed to grow. Expertise in hair comes from practice and repetition and from constantly challenging yourself to find your own technique and style.  

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